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This section contains all legal aid and provider forms.

Proceeding steps & fixed fee schedules

Proceeding steps and fixed fee schedules are used to determine the maximum grant.

Provider rates & special rates

The hourly rates are set according to the forum category for the proceedings, the level of provider experience and the fees set for a specific service.

Legal aid provider manuals

Manuals, operational policies and information packs are available.

Criminal legal aid assignments – information & criminal case reports

The assignment reports show all criminal legal aid assignments made for the period.

Caveats & Statutory Land Charges

The Debt Management Group actions and manages the registration of caveats and Statutory Land Charges.

Quality assurance framework

Includes guidance on applying for approval to be a legal aid provider, audit and monitoring of legal aid providers, complaints and reviewing the performance of legal aid providers.

Duty lawyers

Getting approval as a duty lawyer and being selected for a place on the duty lawyer roster.

Police Detention Legal Assistance

Resources for PDLA providers, including information about the operation of the PDLA service and responsibilities of PDLA providers.

Family Legal Advice Service

Read the operational policy and find out how to provide this service and where to go for help.

Legal Services Commissioner

The Commissioner has a number of functions which must be carried out independently of the Ministry.

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