Proceeding steps & fixed fee schedules

Proceeding steps and fixed fee schedules are used to determine the maximum grant by providing a transparent and consistent basis for granting decisions. Providers are expected to be familiar with these and invoice accordingly.

The steps and schedules will be updated to reflect any change to relevant legislation, court procedure and legal practice. They are structured as follows:

  • steps or stages – covering the main ‘events’ in a proceeding
  • activities – defined within each step or stage
  • guideline hours and/or fixed fees – based on a reasoned estimate of the time required for each activity
  • tasks – describing the actions for each activity within a step or stage
  • granting notes – providing additional information to support particular granting situations and usually appear at the end of each type of step or fixed fee schedule
  • documentation requirements – forms and supporting information such as court notices and minutes, exhibits and summary documents.

Fixed fee schedules

Criminal fee schedules

These schedules have been applied to criminal fixed fee cases since 5 March 2012. They have been updated as at 15 December 2014.

For charges or appeals filed on or before 30 June 2013

Criminal fixed fee schedules (excluding CMM) [PDF, 392 KB]

Criminal fixed fee schedules (CMM only) [PDF, 185 KB]

For charges or appeals filed after 1 July 2013/applications received prior to 3 July 2016

Criminal fixed fee schedules - July 2013 [PDF, 144 KB]

For all applications / amendments received on or after 4 July 2016

Criminal fixed fee schedules - 4 July 2016 [PDF, 684 KB]

For all applications received on or after 3 July 2017

Criminal fixed fee schedules - 3 July 2017 [PDF, 737 KB]

Family & civil fee schedules

These schedules have been applied to family and ACC fixed fee cases since 23 July 2012.The family schedule has been updated as at 27 February 2015.

Family fixed fee schedules [PDF, 870 KB]

ACC fixed fee schedules [PDF, 464 KB]

Other civil fee schedules

Civil Public Safety (Public Protection Orders) [PDF, 458 KB]
Proceedings under the Public Safety (Public Protection Orders) Act 2014 - from 12 December 2014

Victims' Orders against Violent Offenders fixed fee schedules
Proceedings under the Victims' Orders against Violent Offenders Act 2014 - from 30 December 2014

Civil (Employment) fixed fees schedule [PDF, 537 KB]
Proceedings under the Employment Relations Act 2000 - from 1 March 2015

Civil (Children's Workers exemption appeals) fixed fees schedule [PDF, 129 KB]
Proceedings under the Vulnerable Children Act 2014 - from 1 July 2015

Proceeding steps

Criminal proceedings steps [PDF, 426 KB]

Criminal procedures simplification proceedings steps [PDF, 256 KB]

Civil proceedings steps [PDF, 826 KB]

Family proceedings steps [PDF, 563 KB]

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