Helpful information for requesters

Before you make an OIA request

There’s a lot of information and statistical data about the Justice sector available on the online. The Ministry of Justice Datalab provides our back catalogue of research and evaluation, and Statistics New Zealand provides comprehensive data on prosecutions, convictions and victims.

Check these sources before requesting information under the OIA:

Datalab (external link)

Statistics NZ - Crime and justice (external link)

Court or tribunal documents cannot be requested under the OIA. This is because the judiciary is independent of the Executive branch of government. To access court documents, you must apply directly to the court.

Many court decisions are also published online. (external link)


Useful Links

Directory of Official Information
This directory contains contact details for all Government organisations covered by the Act, and enables people to find out where exactly their requests for information should be made.

Charging Guidelines for Official Information Act 1982 Requests
Outlines what the Government regards as reasonable charges for the purposes of the Official Information Act.

Justice Datalab (external link)
The Ministry of Justice's back catalogue of research and evaluation.

Ombudsman’s Official Information Guides (external link)
A series of guidance documents relating to OIAs. (external link)
Browse for statistics about crime and justice.

Annual Court Statistics (external link)
Court statistics that provide a picture of court workloads on a monthly basis.

Official Information Act 1982 (external link)
A copy of the current legislation.