Who can’t be a juror

Some people can’t serve on a jury:

  • anyone with an intellectual disability, as defined in section 7 of the Intellectual Disability (Compulsory Care & Rehabilitation) Act 2003
  • a member of parliament
  • the Governor-General
  • a judge, community magistrate or visiting justice
  • a member of the Parole Board
  • a barrister or solicitor with a current practising certificate
  • a Justice of the Peace who hears cases in the District Court
  • employees of the following organisations:
    • Department of Corrections
    • New Zealand Police
    • Ministry of Justice.

People who have been imprisoned or sentenced cannot serve on a jury if:

  • they have been sentenced to imprisonment for life or for a term of 3 years or more, or to preventive detention or
  • they have been sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 3 months or more in the last 5 years.