New criminal record check online service

Te Tāhū o te Ture - the Ministry of Justice (the Ministry) will soon be launching an online, secure and accessible criminal conviction history check service. 

With faster and more consistent timeframes, the new service will enable the Ministry to provide a timely and efficient criminal conviction history check service to our customers, now and into the future.

Users of the new online service will have the option to request their own criminal record under the Privacy Act, or someone else’s criminal record as a registered third party with that person’s authorisation.

The Ministry will endeavour to provide a response to all requests made using the new online service within three working days.

Request your own criminal record (individual request)

  • From 19 April 2021 onwards, individuals can request their own criminal conviction history using the online service or by completing a new updated paper form.
  • Both the online and paper-based service for individual requests will remain free of charge.

Request someone else's criminal record (third party customer request)

To use the online service, those who are requesting the criminal conviction histories of someone else must register as third party customers under the Terms and Conditions of the new contract.

  • Once the service goes live (scheduled for 3 May 2021), third party customers must use the new online service when requesting someone else’s criminal record. Third party paper forms will no longer be accepted.
  • A new flat fee of $11.00 for all third party customers will replace the current tier-based payment system and free paper form, with an option to pay by credit card. 

Third party customers can begin the registration process now, in order to be able to make requests through the online service after it goes live (scheduled for 3 May 2021).

To begin the registration process, you'll need to complete and return the following documents:

You can email your completed documents to: