What to expect at the mediation sessions

Your mediator will first meet or talk with each of you separately to assess whether your dispute is suitable for Family Dispute Resolution and whether you might benefit from preparation for mediation. The mediator will then arrange your session/s. 

The mediator will try to help you make decisions that are in the best interests of your children. They will focus on how each of you will look after the children and when you’ll see the children when you’re not looking after them. They can also help you work out things like pick-up and drop-off arrangements, where the children spend the holidays and how you’ll handle birthdays and other celebrations. They will also help you develop skills to resolve other parenting disputes in the future.   

The mediator will make sure everyone has time to have their say. They won’t try to get you back together, make judgments about who’s right or wrong, or make decisions for you.

Preparation for mediation

You may feel too angry or stressed about your relationship to think clearly about your children’s needs. Preparation for mediation sessions may be offered to help you manage those feelings so you can put them aside and focus on the best result for your children.

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