We lead and are involved in a wide range of initiatives to reduce crime, keep people safe and modernise the justice system.

  • Reducing family & sexual violence

    We're part of a cross-government work programme related to family violence and sexual violence that aims to ensure victims are safer, improve services, and change long-standing behaviours and attitudes.

  • Privacy

    We're progressing reforms to our privacy laws to protect people’s personal information, and help ensure businesses and organisations that hold such data safeguard and handle it appropriately. 

  • Trust law reform

    The Government is moving to update and improve the law governing trusts for the first time in nearly 60 years.

  • Harmful digital communications

    We oversee a new Act which legislates against cyberbullying and other forms of digital harassment.

  • Anti-money laundering & countering financing of terrorism

    We lead the development of New Zealand's anti-money laundering and countering financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) frameworks.

  • Modernising courts

    We're involved with initiatives to create an effective justice system that is accessible and cost-effective for New Zealanders.

  • Sale & supply of alcohol

    Legislation regulating the sale and supply of alcohol is administered by us and we provide advice to the Government on policy relating to alcohol-related offending and crime prevention.

  • Bribery & corruption

    We work with other agencies and organisations domestically and globally to maintain New Zealand’s reputation, support international anti-corruption efforts and strengthen our anti-bribery laws.

  • Managing returning offenders

    We develop and oversee legislation that affects offenders who arrive in New Zealand shortly after being released from prison in an overseas country. These offenders will be subject to the same sort of oversight as offenders who served a similar prison sentence here.

  • Investment approach to justice

    A new initiative between several government agencies, the investment approach uses data and evidence to support crime prevention.

  • Cross-government initiatives

    Find out about some of the plans and programmes involving multiple government agencies that we play a role in.

  • Wiping historical homosexual convictions

    Men convicted of specific homosexual offences that used to be illegal can apply to have the convictions wiped from their criminal record.

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