How to report bribery & corruption

To detect and prevent bribery and corruption, individuals and organisations need to let authorities know if they suspect such behaviour.

The Serious Fraud Office and the New Zealand Police investigate bribery and corruption matters. Allegations can be reported anonymously and the Protected Disclosures Act offers protection to employees who make a report relating to their employers.

Agencies such as the Office of the Controller and Auditor-General and the Office of the Ombudsmen act as watchdogs for public sector corruption. These agencies independently report on and investigate state sector activities.

How to make a complaint

Any suspicions that a person or business is involved in bribery should be reported to either the New Zealand Police or the Serious Fraud Office. Reports can be made anonymously through the Crimestoppers website or phone line.

All international complaints should be made through contact with the New Zealand Police or Serious Fraud Office, or the local New Zealand Embassy or High Commission.

For more details and contact information see the following external websites:

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Protected Disclosures Act 2000

The Protected Disclosures Act 2000 sets out the process by which an employee can disclose serious wrongdoing in their workplace, and provides protection to employees who make such a disclosure. The Act applies to both public and private sector workplaces.

Protected Disclosures Act 2000(external link)

Serious wrongdoing includes:

  • unlawful, corrupt, or irregular use of public funds
  • conduct that poses a serious risk to public health or safety
  • an act, omission, or conduct, that constitutes a serious risk to the maintenance of law
  • an act, omission, or conduct, that constitutes an offence
  • conduct by public officials which is grossly improper.

The Act protects employees who make protected disclosures from dismissal and harassment as well as civil and criminal proceedings.

The Office of the Ombudsmen can provide advice to an employee who has made, or is considering making, a complaint about the way an organisation is acting (a protected disclosure).

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