Resources and results

A number of resources to help access the results from the New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey (NZCVS), interpret findings, and understand the research.

NZCVS 2018 Topline Report

This Report summarises the initial findings of the NZCVS 2018. The Report provides a brief overview of the following research areas: 

  • The extent and nature of crime and victimisation in New Zealand
  • The extent and nature of crime that is reported or unreported to Police
  • Victim demographics (who is experiencing crime?).

This is a high-level insights and analysis report which does not present all the information collected in NZCVS. This Report does not discuss the technical details of the research. This information can be found in the NZCVS Methodology Report.

NZCVS 2018 Topline Report [PDF, 746 KB]

NZCVS 2018 Topline Infographic

This infographic summarises the most important initial findings of the NZCVS 2018 on one page.

NZCVS 2018 Topline Infographic [PDF, 283 KB]

NZCVS 2018 Methodology Report

The Methodology Report describes in detail the design and methods used in the NZCVS. This Report includes, but is not limited to, detailed information on NZCVS research objectives, sampling, questionnaire development and testing, fieldwork processes and statistics, offence coding, data processing, weighting, imputation and producing analyses.

NZCVS 2018 Methodology Report [PDF, 5.3 MB]

Other Resources

NZCVS 2018 Topline Report – Media Release [PDF, 268 KB]

NZCVS 2018 Topline Report – Frequently Asked Questions [PDF, 378 KB] [PDF, 377 KB]

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