COVID-19 ALERT LEVEL UPDATE - Updated 18 August 2021

Operation of the Authority under Alert Level 4 (L4)

During Alert Level 4, hearings before the Alcohol Regulatory & Licencing Authority will be adjourned. This includes any matter where one party, or Tribunal members, or Ministry of Justice staff, are subject to L4 where they reside (even though other parties may not be).

Parties will be advised once a new hearing date is set.

Operation of the Authority under Alert Level 3 (L3)

During L3, there remain restrictions on the ability to deal with matters in person, including the availability of Ministry of Justice officials to support the Authority.

It is not anticipated that any applications will be heard while L3 restrictions are in place.

Any urgent application that is required to be heard during L3 will be the subject of a case management conference convened by the Authority. This may include matters that are part heard.

Any hearings during L3 are expected to be by way of remote participation instead of face to face, or dealt with on the papers without a hearing if the parties and the Authority agree.Hearings by remote participation will be subject to a range of considerations, including:

- availability of the parties
- access to necessary technology
- availability of staff and other resources to support the hearings
- health and safety.

Operation of the Authority under Alert Level 2 (L2) and Alert Level 1 (L1)

The Authority is expected to operate as usual.

For hearings taking place in a courtroom, all participants are subject to appropriate health and safety restrictions (e.g. appropriate spacing of participants, recording contact details for contact tracing purposes).

Everyone attending the Authority is encouraged to wear masks and to practice physical distancing of at least 1m within the hearing room.

Enhanced cleaning regimes will be maintained.

Filing applications

Parties are urged to file applications and associated documents electronically at:

During L4 & L3 period, applications and associated documents can continue to be filed with the Authority but will only be received electronically.

Paper applications will not be accepted during L4 and L3.

Alcohol Regulatory & Licensing Authority

Alcohol Regulatory & Licensing Authority (ARLA), Te Mana Waeture Take Waipiro  

The Alcohol and Regulatory Licensing Authority, also known as ARLA, is an independent Tribunal established by the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

The Authority considers and determines applications made by Licensing Inspectors and the Police for the variation, suspension, or cancellation of liquor licences and manager’s certificates.

The Authority considers and determines:

  • appeals against decisions made by district licensing committees; and
  • appeals against elements of provisional local alcohol polices developed by local councils.

Notice of appeal against a decision of a district licensing committee [PDF, 291 KB]

Notice of appeal against a decision of a provisional local alcohol policy [PDF, 261 KB]

If ARLA agrees, District Licensing Committees may also refer to ARLA applications for licences and manager’s certificates (or their renewal) for consideration and determination.

For more information, see:

Sale and supply of alcohol

Register of licences & certificates


Please note that If you are wishing to apply for a licence to sell or supply alcohol, or for a manager’s certificate, you will need to apply to your territorial authority [local council] first.

List of local councils(external link)

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