Canterbury Earthquake Insurance Tribunal (CEIT) COVID-19 protocol at 6 December 2021

  1. Canterbury is currently under covid protection framework. traffic light; orange. 
  2. As a presumption, important CEIT events including: first case management conferences, facilitations, settlement conferences and hearings are conducted with participants appearing in person. This protocol sets out the how the CEIT will operate under orange conditions.

    Vaccination status
  3. Covid vaccines are an important tool to protect the health and safety of those appearing before the CEIT and Tribunal personnel. The protection extends to preventing the spread of covid to other participants and their whānau. 
  4. All Tribunal Members have volunteered that they are fully vaccinated. 
  5. Several institutional respondents, who frequently appear before the CEIT, have adopted health and safety policies which require their employees, and anyone coming face to face with those employees, to be vaccinated. 
  6. For the health and safety of those appearing before the CEIT, and Tribunal personnel, all participants making in person appearances must be fully vaccinated. Those who are not fully vaccinated or who are unwilling to confirm their status will appear remotely by telephone or video conferencing. 
  7. As participants often need to travel from out of Canterbury to attend CEIT events, and to allow for remote access for those unvaccinated or unwilling to confirm their vaccine status, all participants making in person appearances must declare their vaccine status one week prior to the scheduled appearance.

    Access to the Court
  8. For physical distancing reasons, entry to hearing rooms will be restricted under orange conditions. Entry will be limited to CEIT Members, Ministry of Justice staff members, parties, witnesses, and other stakeholders. 
  9. Accredited news media will have remote access to hearing rooms in order to report CEIT proceedings, and to ensure continued open and transparent justice.  
  10. Members of the public (including whānau support for parties) whose presence is not required will not be permitted to enter unless granted permission from the presiding Member. Such permission should be sought in the first instance by email to the Case Manager (which if granted must be supplied to the Court Security Officer at the front entrance). Any applications will need to identify the reason or reasons why permission is sought and will be determined on a case by case basis. 
  11. All people who enter the Court must scan the QR code before entering or must complete the contact tracing register in order to gain entry to the court. Proof of identification for contact tracing purposes may be requested by Court Security Officers at any time.
  12. Any person who is unwell, experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or required to be either in quarantine or self-isolation, is expected to remain at home and will be refused entry to the court. 

Chris Boys
Chairperson – Canterbury Earthquake Insurance Tribunal

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