Criminal Justice Assistance Reimbursement Scheme


From 18 May 2020 and at Level 2 of the COVID-19 Alert level, the office of the Criminal Justice Assistance Reimbursement Scheme will re-open to the public by appointment only. We will continue to receive and process new matters and submissions sent via email. Decisions that have been finalised will be released and all matters that can proceed on the papers will be advanced.

Parties are encouraged to send documents via email in the first instance, followed by hard copies as necessary, sent by courier or post.

If you lost property or income because you helped the police, you may be able to apply to this scheme for a payment to cover your loss. Your loss must have been the direct result of criminal victimisation. The case you helped with must be punishable by imprisonment.

The scheme is one of last resort. This means that there can’t be any other help you can get to cover your loss.

Victims will normally be told about the scheme by the police.

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